Red Hill Veterinary Clinic has had a cat boarding service since 1964. Each cat has an individual boarding cage and access to a spacious and airy common area, and an enclosed balcony with pots of cat grass and plenty of cat furniture to play and sleep on. Cats take turns during the day having free time in the common area, and many cats enjoy exploring around the common room and saying hello to their neighbours, or sleeping in the sun and watching the world go by from the balcony.
The boarding cages have been designed to be as comfortable and cat friendly as possible. Each boarding cage is equipped with a fluffy bed or cosy fleece-lined igloo for your cat to sleep in. You are also completely welcome to bring in your cat’s favourite toys and bedding to adorn their cage (just pop a name tag on them first!).
All of our cats are fed with premium quality Hills Science Diet biscuits, and we have a range of wet foods available for those cats that prefer it. We are also able to fully cater for any special dietary requirements your cat may have, and you are welcome to bring in other diets or special treats that they like.
A current vaccination certificate is required on admission. If required, we can vaccinate, worm and deflea your cat on admission.
If your cat needs medical assistance at any time during their stay, we have a fully equipped veterinary clinic just downstairs. We also collect all of your contact details on admission, so we can contact you if there are any concerns during your pet’s stay. You are more than welcome to give us a call at any time and see how your cat is going.
Owing to our good reputation and convenient inner city location, our cattery is often fully booked, so we suggest that you book in advance – especially if you are going away over school holiday periods or public holidays.